The Church Clerk

Less Stress & More Time

We give parish clergy with more time and less stress by providing them with a, ready to copy, service bulletins customized to the needs of their congregation.

  Today’s priests often find themselves stressed by the lack of time to properly minister to the needs of their congregation.  Often they are reduced to ½ or even ¼ time and serving multiple parishes.  Yet in spite of all this, what is expected of them has increased. 

         Small churches now have little or no paid office help, placing heavy clerical duties on the shoulders of the priest. If part-time help or volunteers are available, bulletin prepataion may not be the most effective use of their available time and skills. In fact, supervision and direction can eat up as much clergy time as doing it yourself!  Many priests find it easier to do it themselves sacrificing valuable time better spent on pastoral care.

We at The Church Clerk are here to solve at least part of the problem. We produce a bulletin customized to meet your parish’s needs and traditions.  This will help free up your time and reduce the stress of doing it yourself. You can even save more time by going with our standard defaults that will change matching the tone of each season.

Containing the full service, not just an outline, including collect, readings, proper preface, and Prayers of the People, our bulletins are designed for ease of use.  Without having to turn back and forth in the Book of Common Prayer to find the different parts of the service even visitors not familiar with service will find it easy to follow the service and a joy to worship.

All orders include a Free large type copy of the day's readings for use on the lectern.

To see more about our bulletins go to What We Offer or
to recieve a free full sample bulletin in PDF format and current price list go to the contact page.  For a quick at a glance view and current price list go to Tables.

Please E-mail us with any questions about our service. 

It is our philosphy here at The Church Clerk that the Book of Common Prayer and the Liturgy contained therein, with the Revised Common Lectionary and supplimental materials are a sacred gift.  It is these elements of worship that help bind us together as a family weither we are at St. Helena's Chapel in Lenox, MA. or at All Saints in Kapaa, KauAll Saints, Kapaa, Kauai, HIai, HI. 
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